Thursday, July 14, 2011

Super Sweet?

There seems to be a lot of angry stuff these days. Angry stuff everywhere.Although I did name my blog "Angry" Halos, I have to confess that I was kinda drunk when I was coming up with the blog's name.
Anyway, after surfing from website to website,
I realized that we surfers are kinda... blocked in each of our own world.
So, for a series of posts, I'm gonna try to introduce some pics which considered funny where I usually surf. But it'll be kinda hard if you don't get the joke.

Part 1: Super Sweet?

The original picture is this :

It's from a movie called 8 mile (starring Eminem) and the pic is from a scene that can only be seen from the Director's Cut. Anyway, this scene, at first, looks like 4 people enjoying their time. However, some Warhammer fans decided to parody this and came up with these:

which caused a hilarious outbreak in forums. The series is somewhat simple and yet so funny: just 4 people sniggering. The 4 letters : 존나 좋군? can be roughly translated as :"Super Sweet?" hence the title.
These pics got more parodied by Anime fans, Video game fans like this:
Lucky Star
Code Geass
Tengen Toppa Gurren Laggan
I think it's L4D2

Death Note
The Simpsons

World of Warcraft Druids
Fate:Stay Night

Now, that was some pics I've googled about. But why search for more when you can have your own Super Sweet? moments? so readers, When you're walking with your friends(4 would be nice) and see something funny, maybe you can remember this post and say the phrase that sums it up...

Super Sweet?

oh and I just wanted to know which "Super Sweet?" moments did you liked best, so please comment!


  1. Sweet! Followed!

  2. haha this is awesome bro! There are so many remakes of that photo. nice blog

  3. Haha these are great. Some good ideas here. The simpsons one looks hilarious. the expressions on their faces :D

  4. I have never seen one pose the same way rendered differently so many times and laughed so hard LOL! Thanks for sharing.