Tuesday, June 21, 2011


After some goodie times to myself, I was cleaning the house and posted that I would post Disney stuff.
But my laptop's moniter can't seem to light up :-(
Anyway I sent it to the A/S center (it's a lenovo T61p. kinda old)

And I'm loading this temporary post in a net cafe *sob*
anyway when I'll start posting when my laptop's fixed

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

All over... and a new start. With some creamy nostalgia

Now that finals are finally over, I thought that I would post a (or some) movie review(s) for my free time (summer classes are coming up, ugh) before my usual posts.

Then, a problem occured.

What movie should I review?
Nowadays, most Hollywood goodies are screwed over at least ten times by reviewers everywhere. And seriously, I doubt that I can review better than those.... professionals.....guys.

Old memories man..... old memories.... and it's not that old, too.

But, while I was cleaning out my house, I found some things that should have been thrown away, but kept anyway --> good old Disney animations.
Oh, I loved all those stuff; me and my sister used to love those series when we were litte....wait, little-ER. Just to see those things again brought back some sweet memories.
And then it came to me, people would rarely post about some childish stuff on their blog, and which is WHY I'll do it -->for the sake of nostalgia, nostalgia, and some nostalgia...........

So, before I throw away loads and loads of dusty videos, I think I'll watch some sweet Disney ones and post what kind of feelings I had when watching them, and what kind of thoughts I'm having now.

anyway, stay tuned for some nostalgic posts!

Sunday, June 5, 2011

Finals ugh.

Finals are coming up and besides studying for that crap I can't seem to find some sweet word to blabber about.
I didn't realize that finding words were hard (especially when I DONT have time to do it)

so, currently at the moment I'll do what I suck at most. posting movie reviews.

Friday, June 3, 2011


Head's I win, head's.........what?

Okay, you've probably got tired of these things at school.

and this post might piss you off.

For those who has a sliight probability of throwing up at serious words, please don't, I'll

probably make this post as easy as possible.

now. Probability.

What is it? Guess.

Yeah you did right. It's kind of guessing.

As our lives becomes more and more complicating, some smartasses mathmaticans began to think "what if we express something that might happen as some kind of rate or number?".

Usually, in math subjects you might see probability go from at least 0 to at most 1.
And you'll find yourself throwing dice or flipping coins.

Or in many places, people say 0~100% , like some people have a XX%of dying, bla bla bla

Now there are some important stuffs about probability.

-(Independence) if you see this word, it means that EVERY time you do something that has a probability, it has NOTHING, and NOTHING related to the one you did the same thing before.
For example, when you're throwing dices, (unless the dice is loaded, which would piss me off) having one for about 7 times a row DOES NOT mean that you could get one again next time.

Just because you've lost money at a casino doesn't mean that you might win your goodies back.
Just because you've survived a coin flip won't save your ass next time you flip that "lucky coin"
(yeah, I mean you, Two Face)
when you think about it, it's just obvious as that, but unfortunately, many people forget this simple principle right when their sitting at the slots or staring at a dealer's sniggering face(and of course, money goes bye bye)

-now about that independence, if many "independent" events happen at once, the probability is not the addition, it's the multiplcation.
For example, even if you have a probability of 90% of guessing the right choice,
getting sweet grades on a final exam or pop quiz won't be that high(let's say there are 10 questions, then 0.9 * 0.9 * 0.9 * 0.9 * 0.9 * 0.9 * 0.9 * 0.9 * 0.9 * 0.9 == 0.3486 ===>about 35% of getting every question right. Fat chance consider that you had 90% individually, right? )

-every now and then, if you're lucky, you might get something like aces in a row. But remember, if you keep on mess with probability, it will become closer to the original probability.
For example, normally many casinos have a 55% chance of the dealer winning and 45%chance of the player winning. Even if you got some early wins, if you keep on gambling(man I'm on fire! crap) you eventually and WILL LOSE.

-last if the probability is not zero, (even the slightest chance, even the most ridiculous event) it CAN HAPPEN. Actually, I've read an article about a person wrote his ten lottery tickets the same, and he won second prize! There's even a case where a ebony child was born in a caucassian family (wait a minute, that not my.......)

Anyway people, have a nice day and good luck gambling!

Wednesday, June 1, 2011


Remember Shaun of the Dead(2004)?

Short for Distributed Denial of Service attack.
If you level up Denial of Service attack (DoS), you'll end up with this.
It's an type of bombard used only on the internet, and many cyber terrorists use this.

DDoS is performed when loads and loads of computers binormally log into one web server,
causing it's traffic and the CPU's to overload.

DDoS can be seperated into many types from one user F5 bombing a site(well in this case this could be just DoS) to ordering multiple types of computers to F5 bomb the same site.

One of the most advanced types is the Zombie type.
Now these babies causes lots and lots of computers to their bidding(like a zombie) by using some malware. If you're not careful, your PC might even be one!(remember, it's not working by it's own will. which fits perfectly with the word zombie) so it is advised you people go and find some good vaccine and clean your PC often.

But remember, it is NOT advised and BANNED in countries.
Although the overmind of the zombie PCs is hard to catch(yes. hard. Not impossible) the police or the Interpol can and will find the one responsible for the DDoS.

Well, they might. Unless it's an international crime, which would screw things up a bit more