Monday, August 1, 2011

Ugh Sorry for the long delay

People, sorry for the no-post thingy.
Had to do some summer season semester to cover up my GPA.
 I heard that loads of good universities(in the US) see GPAs a lot so I'd thought I'd recourse some of my Cs and Ds for some good As and Bs.
Although the "A" part didn't end well :-) I did manage to get me some good Bees, which I'm kinda happy for.

Anyway, it was a terribly tiring semester, and I WILL start posting when I can.
Love you all, see you!

P.S. GOTTA find some good stuff to post!

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Super Sweet?

There seems to be a lot of angry stuff these days. Angry stuff everywhere.Although I did name my blog "Angry" Halos, I have to confess that I was kinda drunk when I was coming up with the blog's name.
Anyway, after surfing from website to website,
I realized that we surfers are kinda... blocked in each of our own world.
So, for a series of posts, I'm gonna try to introduce some pics which considered funny where I usually surf. But it'll be kinda hard if you don't get the joke.