Tuesday, May 31, 2011


A war that occured from 1939(or 1937) to 1945. Called the Biggest war humanity ever made.

Allies: Britain, America,France, Russia, China , the Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg, Norway, Poland, Yugoslavia, Greece, Turkey, Nepal, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, Brazil , Panama, Nicaragua, Haiti, Honduras, Guatemala, El Salvador, Cuba, Dominican Republic, Costa Rica, Mexico, Bolivia, Colombia, Peru, Liberia, Ecuador, Paraguay, Uruguay, Argentina, Venezuela, Saudi Arabia, Lebanon, Syria Chile, Ethiopia

of 49 countries

Axis: Germany, Italy, Japan, France (Vichy), Austria , Czechoslovakia , Hungary, Romania, Bulgaria and Thailand , Finland , Croatia, Iraq,etc.

Not like the First World War, this one was ... more like a devestating world war.
The reason WWII started.... is also more complicated as well.
Germany was getting it's butt kicked(loser's penalty), the spread of communism, etc.

The main reasons were the Great Depression,the rise of facism, Germany's counterattack and Japan's greed(this case is the Pacific War).

Although Japan and Italy were Allies in WWI, they didn't get what they "deserved" and Germany itself was devestated by communist revolution.
To make things worse for Germany, England and France charged loads and load of money from Germany which blowed up their economy.
Of course, the allies called that "fair" (well to be fair, it was Germany's fault)
But the part that suck more is that at the
Treaty of Versailles, the money was 20 billion marks, however, the bill grew to 132 billion marks by the year 1932. Of course, Germany had absolutely no freaking way to pay back that awful loads of money.

1933, after Hitler became furer, Germany becamed armed and also became again one of the most powerful countries in the world, at the year 1939, the war stated with Germany invading Poland.

And as we know it, everything went to hell.

Thanks to the scale of the war the change of the world was also damn significant.

The Allies and the Axis
began to use weapons that were mass-destructive,

newer tactics were made to change the tide of the battle

empires collapsed(yup I'm talking about you England),

philosophists became despair to see the inhumanity leaders and countries caused,

East europe and third world countries became infected with communism.

Europe was no longer only the central of the world(no offence, Europeans),

America became the so-called "show me the money" superpower of the world.

So it can be said that WWII is still not finished, even in the 21 century.

Saturday, May 28, 2011

[Movie SPOILERS] Megamind

Just thought I'd watch some movies i bought last year and watched some goodies.
unfortunatly, where the place i lived, megamind didn't get so good scores (i do hope so) compared to those giants (the notorious cry-baby maker Toy story 3). but in my opinion,
the movie itself did lived up to it expectations of being "cool"

To express the movie itself, it's an "twist"of a "twist", finishing the "twist" with a "twist".
the whole basic idea roots comes from the famous Superman comics, with Superman and his villans. given it a twist, the bad guy isn't actually what the comic books would define as.
Megamind is that "bad guy", he's just playing bad because Metroman(yup the Superman with Brad Pitt's voice) is sucking up to society as the "good guy".
Well, if that were the case, the story could start new as a new franchise, with Megamind being the protagonist fighting Metroman who is the Metro City's savior.

BUT? nope

The story starts at the very end of the saga, and also the movie only shows the very last battle of Megamind and Metroman.
And the result? Megamind's unexpected victory.(I mean, look at Metroman's hair he's turning GRAY for ****'s sake- how long have they been fighting?)

But then the funny line is -- then what?
We've lived through loads of comics, games, movies that the villains are trying to take over the world. But none of those(actually, change that to most) stuffs actually pictures villain ever RULING it.

What astonishes Megamind and the audience is that NONE of the citizens of Metro City(since its based on Metropolis or Gotham City, real life New York)actually stand up and do something about it. Well, it could be said that people actually left the whole damned place, but this is wrong too -> everyone's just living their everyday lives.
In my opinion, I think that Dreamworks is trying to depict this situation that in ALMOST EVERY hero-based comic book, the civilians actually do NOTHING but yell, scream or run away.

Also what's so irony about this movie is that it was suppose to appeal to children, yet all the superman thing and good being bad and bad being good and the NERD BASH is just too much for just normal kids to understand(Maybe not? kids do mature these days). And seriously, what's with the yin and yang crap going on? that stuff was mentioned twice in the movie, but the situation jjust doesn't fit in.
Megamind is not good harmonized into evil, nor Hal (aka, T*****) is not evil mixed with good.
(actually, scratch that last bit, i'll have to read some more about that yin and yang stuff)


A programming language. Totally low-level language like the machine code.

Since machine codes totally suck at reading to the human eye, it was developed to make it
at least readable. The commands and the machine code are matched 1:1.
However, since machine codes are unique to their CPUs, assembly itself is also unique to it's owner. To be precise, the language differs to it's architecture.

For example, a machine code

001000 00001 00000 0000000000001010

the assembly equivalent to that code

addi $1, $0, 10

well, it is kinda a little better to read.
One with a good imagination can at least guess what the hell the example sentence meant.
(yeah, people call that a benefits to assembly.)

Since the language is only good at reading out loud, one will have to memorize the computer's WHOLE FREAKING CPU structure. Because of that reason assembly lost to the "fresh and new" high-level languages(C, C++, JAVA, stuff like that) in modern programming.

However, when handling system drivers and embeded stuff, these babies are still up and high.
And assembly is used to optimize high performance programs (everyday games, or CAD or hard core graphics stuff)

Friday, May 27, 2011

Starting a new blog

Hello folks and myself, I'm going to start my very own blog!
However I haven't decided 100% what I should post on.
But I do have cool random stuff on my mind, so I think I should post them on future references!