Monday, July 11, 2011

Back to the terms: McCarthyism

After my laptop took a turn to the worse, I decided not to pay my cash to that A/S center(take that lenovo!)
Fortunately, my "rich" cousin who is a crazy Apple fan, (he has almost every iPod I heard of, 2 iPhones, iPads and load of macs) felt sorry for me and decided to give me his old Macbook. Since my "profession" is somewhat related to these matters, I decided to give Mac a try.
After reading the manuals, I began to love it.
Anyway, while this buff's still turned on, let's go on with todays term : McCarthyism.

It's a nasty word, but as you people know, it's a nasty world.

The word originated from when Joe McCarthy, however, the fear started some time ago.
After WWII, the winners of the war, the US and the Soviets were left to deal with the trash the Nazis left behind. But as we all know, neither superpowers were willing to give up the chance to become the most powerful nation on Earth. At that time of crisis, Americans were getting afraid that the Soviets would take over America. After all, the only difference was whether you liked communism or capitalism. But as people learned from the Russian revolution, communism tend to break out from within. The Americans(Actually... the capitalist and the Joos) were afraid that their country would break out an revolution and take all their money. Add that with  China, one of America's largest market, joining hands with the Soviets, and a final taste of the Korean War led Americans fear and hate the other side.

And that's where Joe McCarthy came in. After being a senator in Wisconsin, one day, made a speech that

"The State Department is infested with communists.(oh no he didn't!) I have here in my hand a list of 205—a list of names that were made known to the Secretary of State as being members of the Communist Party and who nevertheless are still working and shaping policy in the State Department"

in other words, there's a snake in my boots!

The effing he did it! After he said that speech, Every person related to his list got accused for being a communist. And when you're accused,you get ostracized from the society. talk about witch hunt. 

Anyway because of that 'grunt' America began to start it's anti-communist policy (a.k.a. , being a d--k) towards other countries and inside it's people. Loads and loads of people, not just people from the government, but normal people as well. People were working one day and then getting fired the other. And if I remember correctly, Charlie Chaplin (I loved the Dic-tator) was even accused for this crap.
Loads of senators and governors and politicians feared him, and none had the balls to stand up to the witch-hunter.

Until, McCarthy accused the U.S. Army.

The idiot accused an war hero for being a communist(General Zwicker), which he made the entire U.S. Army,  both sides of the party, and the president his enemy. This led to the U.S. Army counter ramming McCarthy in the ass while the whole nation was watching. Finally, (some hope to the United States democracy) the Senate voted that his mouth be shut up until his time has come. Which of course, McCarthy died at a not-so-young-but-not-that-old age, 48. 
Unlike Hitler, (Which I'm not saying that he's good at the least) McCarthyism had no vision, and viewers said he did more damage to America that the good he said he would do.

But is it over? Nope I don't think so. 
Nowadays the word McCarthyism is used when a politician makes accusations of treason, disloyalty or stuff like that without proper evidence. If used by the matched timing and the matched people, McCarthyism can be devastating in modern politics, because of it's power over people. 

For me, it's not that hard to find. In my country one party is always accusing the other political parties for communism. Actually about more that half of my countries presidents have been using anti-communism and McCarthyism for their agenda. Only recently it has began to start some democracy. Nah, forget what I just said. It got worse. 

So, how about you reader? Do you currently think McCarthyism is McCarthywasm in your country?

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  1. I'm from Poland, we HAD communism and this is terrible :/

    very nice info !!

  2. American here, and I see the same sort of accusations these days towards Muslim Americans. A New York Congressman even has set up federal hearings for radicalization in america (even while the cases of this are few and far between). I also notice a lot of neo conservitives saying that liberals are un-american because they don't believe in the same ideologies. Michelle Bachmann, candidate for the republican presidential nomination, has gone as far to say there should be investigations to see if anyone in congress has "anti-american values". It all has this very McCarthyism feel. I'm afraid we forgot far too quickly about how such accusations can be harmful and unjust.

  3. Honestly, I have yet to discover a correct form of government. All are disappointing. :(

  4. Capitalism is still the best atm

  5. This propaganda psoter is over the top. The Soviet Union was no real communism!

  6. Theres some crazys out there with no respect

  7. communism is failing everywhere even china cant keep its regime in communism.

  8. Tell your cousin I need a new computer. :)

  9. That does not happen in Argentina, but for some reasons all the other countries belive that we are a communist country. I lold.
    Besides of that, capitalism sucks. It need poor people to survive and i can't see how a few getting richer a lots getting poorer is good in any way.

  10. Macs are alright, I have no problem with them when I had to use them for a few months.

  11. In the Netherlands we have Geert Wilders, who alone spreads enough hate towards Muslims for the whole of the dutch politics. Unfortunatley many people vote for him.
    Great post, followed.